Ilona Filip


I was born in a tenement house on the Gold Street on the Old Town of beautiful, magic and charming city of Lublin.
Is the climate of the place made me to be a painter, and maybe this is the gift of my ancestors? It always remains a mystery.
I do not forget my childhood: the walls marked by age, the piano in the living room on which the Grandfather played and compsed wonderful sounds and my painting Mum in the mini-studio behind the curtain. Falling asleep and waking up before my eyes I had a picture painted by Mr. Ciruta, who has given it to my Mother. Despite differences of opinion I have always considered it to be the most beautiful. It evokes memories of unforgettable moments and smell that hovered in the air on the Golden Street.
I graduated with dean’s honors from the Institute of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Arts University of Maria Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin.
I studied in Professor’s Artur Popek graphic arts studio.
I admire an urban environment and landscape. I often reach for my childhood, presenting in my works climate of years spent on the Lublin Old Town. I am intrigued by the space, which I express by using varying texture, light, value and perspective.
I devote much space for ex-libris in my works as a form of graphic techniques.
I am the author of over a hundred projects, logos, graphic characters, catalogs, postcards, pictures and calendars.